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Everything about your contract: Fixtures and fittings inventory

A clear description of the condition the floor covering, which furniture is present, the meter readings, etc. must be stated. At the end of the lease, an inventory must again be drawn up to determine whether the rented accommodation is in the same condition as it was at the start of the lease.

An inventory is only valid if it:

  • is drawn up in the presence of both the tenant and the landlord (or their representatives)
  • is personally dated and signed by both parties
  • includes sufficient detail; a statement such 'it is in good condition and well maintained and both parties acknowledge this' is not permitted.

The inventory and the written lease must be registered by the landlord. Registration is free of charge.

If an inventory is not drawn up when the tenant arrives and leaves, it is assumed that the rented accommodation is in the same condition at the end of the lease as it was at the start. It is then up to the landlord to prove any damage.