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Student Guide & Walkabouts

Student Guide

Forget everything you thought you knew and throw away those hopelessly outdated tourist books. An editorial team of students put together a student guide which includes the cheapest supermarkets, trendiest shops and bars as well as information on fitness centres - to work off those nightly kebabs. You will also find useful addresses and contacts in the Yellow Pages. The ideal guide to get through student life unscathed.


The six Walkabouts guide you from North to South. You can follow each walk separately, or combine them into a true marathon: The student district, the Island, the Quay, Centre, North, Station Area, Borgerhout, Zurenborg and South. Get those legs warmed up!

Pick up your free student guide and Walkabouts at STAN, Kleine Kauwenberg 15, or maybe you will run into their street team and can grab your copy there!