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What to do with your rubbish?

All citizens of Antwerp, including students, sort their garbage: there are different types of garbage bags or containers for every type of garbage. If you live in a building with more than three student rooms, the owner is obliged to provide garbage containers. Like this you won’t need to buy garbage bags. Also, the owner then is obliged to store and offer paper and cardboard garbage designated in blue 140-or 240-litre containers. If you live in a building with bedsits, the owner is not obliged to purchase garbage bags. For more information on types of garbage bags, sorting and disposing of garbage: Or download the app so you can check what is being picked up when via

Dumping refuse and kicking over bins are two activities that carry heavy fines. Spotted any dumped refuse yourself? One phone call to the ‘sluikstortlijn’ (dumping call centre): +32 (0)800 935 11 and it’ll be collected immediately.

T +32 (0)800 93511 (free number every working day from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm)

Garbage collection schedule

Every neighbourhood has a different refuse collection day. Check your garbage collection schedule to see when you need to take out yours. For the student area for example, that day is Tuesday. This means that you need to put out the garbage on Monday evening from 8 pm onwards. Important: it is forbidden to place garbage on the street on another day than your designated collection day. The fine can be up to 350 euros. Every year, a garbage collection schedule is distributed to every resident. It contains information on refuse collection days; different types of garbage, recycling centres, collection of bulky refuse (such as furniture, doors, etc.). If you haven’t received a copy of the schedule or it got lost, you can obtain a new one at the stadswinkel (city shop), print from or via the telephone number +32 (0)3 22 11 333.

Owners of student rooms, student buildings or student community houses are obliged to mount the collection schedules in one of the communal rooms.

Garbage collection streets

In the student neighbourhood just like in other areas of the city, you can find garbage collection streets. If you have an admission pass you can put your garbage bags there. Incredibly convenient for students who don’t have a lot of space in their digs or who are not at home when they come to collect the garbage. You can obtain such a pass at GATE15, among other places. Surf to for more information.

Bottle banks

Bottle banks – the Belgian version – are scattered throughout the city. Dispose of transparent and coloured bottles separately. The green half of the bottle bank is for coloured glass, the white half for transparent glass. Remember to remove corks, metal lids etc. before disposing of the glass, since they belong into the blue PMD-bags. The bottle banks may only be used between 7 am and 10 pm.