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What to do when you're feeling sick in times of COVID-19?

Do everything you can to prevent covid cases in our dorm. Read our 5 rules of thumb to live together safely and prevent infection.

But what if you feel sick?

Fever, coughing and trouble breathing, fatigue, stuffy nose, throat ache, diarrhea, body aches, headache, altered taste or smell?

Immediately contact your doctor. If you don’t have a doctor, check where to find one through The doctor will let you know on the phone which steps you need to take and whether you need to be tested. Don’t just go to the doctor or hospital, only contact them on the phone.

Strictly follow the guidelines on quarantine (= preventive isolation to limit a possible spread of the coronavirus) or isolation (=seclusion if you are sick or tested positive for the coronavirus).

Read more on contact tracing here.

Quarantine in your student room

International students who arrive in Belgium and are required to isolate for a certain period, can do this in their student room. In these cases, we will all show solidarity to make sure the quarantine happens safely and successfully.

When there are several toilets available, the student in quarantine preferably always uses the same appointed toilet without other students making use of it. If this is not possible, the toilet always needs to be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. We don’t recommend students in quarantine to use shared showers unless there isn’t a washstand available in the room.

Ask your landlord for plenty of disinfecting- and cleaning material.


  • Ventilate your room as often as possible
  • Always keep 1,5 meters distance from your dormmates
  • Wear a face mask as soon as you leave your room or studio
  • Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer before touching stuff when leaving your room or studio
  • Only use the common rooms when you really must, and make sure to open a window
  • Avoid shared cooking utensils as much as possible. If you really must use them, thoroughly wash them immediately (before and) after using them.
  • Don’t share a meal with other students, eat alone in your room or studio
  • Visitors are not allowed

Isolation in your student room

Isolation is not the same as quarantine. A student in isolation is technically not allowed to leave their room or studio. Receiving visitors in the room or studio is also not allowed.

A student in isolation is not allowed to use the shared kitchen and must use their own or appointed utensils: separate cutlery, plates, cups, glasses, towels.

Be solidary and help the student in isolation. Take turns with your dormmates to do groceries and cook for the student in isolation.

A student in isolation technically needs to use a separate shower and toilet. If not available, the student needs to clean the space and ventilate these areas for at least 30 minutes after use. Of course, a face mask needs to be worn upon entering common rooms, you must maintain a safe distance, and you must ventilate the room as much as possible. Set some clear rules about this with your dormmates. Ask your landlord for plenty of sanitizing- and cleaning material.

Attachment:  PDF icon flowchart_when_do_you_need_to_quarantine_or_self-isolate.pdf