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What to do in case of gas smell?

When there is a gas smell in your home, safety comes first! Electrical appliances, lights and your smartphone can cause sparks when you turn them on or off. These sparks can cause the gas to ignite.

Therefore, always follow these safety instructions:

  1. Open all doors and windows, even if your room is not connected to the gas grid. This allows the natural gas to mix with air, diluting the gas and reducing the danger. Caution! If the gas smell comes from outside, close your windows and doors.
  2. Warn your roommates.
  3. Avoid sparks! Do not use electrical appliances such as a doorbell, flashlight, smartphone, light, heater. Do not make a fire (no smoking, no candles,...).
  4. Close the tap of the natural gas meter if it is within reach and can be closed without turning on the light.
  5. Go outside to a place where you no longer smell gas
  6. Call the free emergency number 0800 65 0 65.


The gas intervention team will immediately go out as soon as your call comes in. On site they measure the smell of gas and trace the leak. As long as the detection and repair work is in progress, you remain at a safe distance.