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Student accommodation in Antwerp, the figures

Antwerp is a city with over 500,000 inhabitants. Its 50,000 students, spread across 30 campuses in and around the city, might therefore be less noticeable on the street than in Leuven or Ghent. But the 7,500 students in student accommodation, living among the other inhabitants of the city, form a unique community with and among the various other residents.

In the classic university area (around the city campus), you'll find the greatest concentration of student accommodation. But with campuses from the Courthouse in the South, to the North Castle, along National Street, Green City and Spoor Noord Park, you find yourself in various student housing districts in 't Stad. With a large concentration of students in Wilrijk, you will certainly find student accommodation to your liking.

Student housing in Antwerp is almost entirely held by the private market. Only the Institute for Tropical Medicine, UAntwerpen, Thomas More Antwerp and the Artesis Plantijn College have a small number of private homes for their students. In total, Antwerp has about 10,000 student rooms scattered in and around the city.

Antwerp is atypical in terms of student accommodation. Although only a minority of students actually have their accommodation here (because of the short distance and good connections, many students commute), a significant amount is invested by the city and educational institutions, together with the owners, in the quality of the accommodation and the letting contracts.