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Help, there are mice in my room!

Mostly in winter, mice try to get in your building really fast. They come searching for food and shelter to survive the cold winter months. They slip inside through the smallest cracks, an opening not even bigger than five mm is enough for mice to get in. They often hide in dark places. When they find enough food, they multiply rapidly which can lead to a lot of nuisance and even damage to your house. 

Who is responsible for the extermination of this unwanted guests?

The Flemish "houserentaldecree" states that the tenant is responsible for the extermination of mice and other vermin, unless they were already present at the start of the rent.  When the presence of mice is to blame on structural problems such as cracks in the floor, the landlord himself is responsible for solving the problem. 

What can you do to prevent mice? 

The most important thing to do is to make sure the mice won’t be attracted by food. Mice are no picky eaters. Besides, they survive on only three grams of food each day.

Some practical tips: 

  • Store your food in sealed metal or glass jars or in hard plastic boxes
  • Don’t leave food scraps lying around 
  • Don’t leave the dirty dishes 
  • Throw your waste immediately in a bin with a closed lid 
  • Clean your house and kitchen regularly and don’t forget to clean under the refrigerator and the stove. These are the places where often a lot of food scraps end up. 

How can you exterminate mice?

Prevention is the best way to exterminate. When no food can be found in your house, the mice will leave soon. When you think there are only one or a few mice in your house, you can place mousetraps without poison. This is the most healthy and safe way of exterminating mice. 

However, when you are suffering from a real mice plague, the mousetraps will minimalize the mice but not solve the whole problem. In this case you will have to use specific poison to destroy the mice. These products kill the mice in two ‘till six days after they have eaten enough of the toxics. Because the mice don’t suffer from symptoms, they will easy keep on eating it until they have ingested a lethal dose. The death mice dry out and won’t start smelling. 

Warning! These toxic products are harmful for other animals and humans, so have to be used with great carefulness at any time. Make use of special mouse boxes to place them safely! 

When the plague is very serious, you might discuss with you landlord about letting a specialized pest control company help you out