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Everything about your contract: Rental guarantee

1. For students who are not domiciled at their student accommodation address, there is no maximum number of months specified and the guarantee must not be deposited on an escrow account.

2. Students who are domiciled at their student accommodation address have the choice to place their rental guarantee on a private account or as a bank guarantee.

Private account
If the entire amount of the guarantee is deposited on an escrow account as 1 transaction, the guarantee will not be greater than 2 months' rent. Any interest incurred will be for the benefit of the student. In some cases, the guarantee is paid in cash or deposited on the property owner's account. The student can then send a registered letter requesting the landlord place the amount on an escrow account.

Bank guarantee of 3 months' rent
The student can decide to pay the rental guarantee to the bank in stages. The bank guarantee must be requested at the bank where the student has an account and where professional or substitute income are deposited. The bank guarantees the total amount of the rental guarantee to the property owner when the lease is drawn up. In that case, the guarantee shall not exceed 3 months' rent. The bank cannot refuse such a bank guarantee on the grounds that the student is not solvent and thus does not have sufficient resources.